for all of you in the philly area, come to the craft fair in the italian market! co-sponsored by the mew gallery and the gleaners cafe, it will take place on saturday and sunday! you can visit the mew gallery website for more info!

also, this coming tuesday, i will be instructing a drop spindle workshop at said gallery. you will learn to make your own drop spindle, prepare fiber, and create your very own hand spun yarn! class is from 6-9, costs $40, and all materials are provided! to register, you can call the gallery at 215-625-2424.


cry cry cry…

i am now officially heartbroken.

forever and always.


look who got married.

summer, schmummer

did i mention how much i want summer to be over? probably not, since i havent typed in a very long while. i dont do well in the summer. i like the fall. sweater and scarf weather is what its all about.


i just got back from the shore….i ate alot of mack & mancos pizza. my stomach wasnt very happy with me.


superbad is the funniest movie ever made. i got sick of sitting on the beach all weekend so i went to see it by myself on saturday afternoon just to get out of the sun. i was the only girl in the entire theater, but i laughed so loud and so much that i could have been mistaken for 4-5 girls.


gawd i hate amy winehouse. i really cant stand her. her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. and does anyone else think that her and alexis arquette were separated at birth?



and, yes, i love my postman. he brought me this today!



and theyre on letterman tonight!! wheeee!!


the new harry potter book. done.

5 stars on every medium song on guitar hero 80’s. almost.

particle board shelf in my bedroom collapsed. check.

sew new gnomes. yes.

and now, as i am trying to put back my room after the great collapse, i am trying to contain my excitement for 10:00 tonight when the 2 coreys premiers on a&e!!!

be back soon…..

not so long ago, i was busy being uber productive.  spinning, painting, sewing gnomes…..now im busy being a total nerd.  immersed in the new harry potter book and playing the new guitar hero 80’s edition.  production will start again soon enough….soon enough meaning when i finish the book and get 5 stars on every song on medium.

gnomes and wool

all morning long i have been dying 4 pounds of beautiful faulkland wool and printing new gnome fabric for stuffies….check em’ out!

ive got alot of sewing, stuffing, and spinning ahead!

what a stressful day!  i had to bring rutabaga into the vet this morning because he lost 2 teeth.  i cant remember if i mentioned this or not, but a few weeks ago, he walked face first into my wheel while i was spinning.  well a few days later i had noticed that one of his tiny top teeth were missing, and friday he lost another!  after a thorough exam, the root of one tooth is still in his gums, so i have to keep an eye one it….if it dosent fall out by itself they have to remove it!  poor little man.  he was poked and prodded and has been sleeping all day since we came back.

it turned out that i actually did do some damage to my bike after the car hit me.  after the accident, each time i rode it i thought it felt a little off, but just chalked it up to nerves.  i went for a ride to the waterfront on friday night with a few friends and it REALLY felt off.  took it into the bike shop on saturday and it turns out that the fork was really bent.  thank goodness i brought it in when i did.  thats one more accident i really dont need—especially after the vet visit this morning–i have a whopping $4.32 left in my checking account!!

the cleaning is almost done.  i found a huge amount of vintage buttons i had forgotten about, so i sorted through them, kept some, and have some listed in my shop.  thats the one thing i love about getting organized–finding fantastic things i forgot i even owned!